Structural Insulated Building Components

Test & Approvals
GCT Structural Component
GCT Structural Insulated Building Components are prefabricated lightweight sections consisting of an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core placed between two layers of galvanized steel welded wire mesh. A steel wire connector is pierced completely through the EPS core and welded to each of the outer layer sheets of galvanized steel welded wire mesh. The galvanized steel Welded wire mesh is made from steel having a minimum yield of 87 KSI and a minimum fracture of 98 KSI and complies with ACI, section and IBC, section 1903.
GCT Structural Insulated Building Components must be covered with high strength mortar like the GCT Structural Mortar Mix and must comply with ASTM C-387 and ASTM C-270.
Single Mesh Structural Component
Perfect for walls, partitions, claddings, floors and roofing in residential, commercial, and industrial construction. The single mesh structural component covered with the high strength GCT Structural Mortar can be used as a loadbearing structure up to four floors and even higher with additional engineering.
Stairs Component
The Stair component provides for a strong and lightweight structure. It consists of a polystyrene (EPS) block, shaped according to design requirements, coated with two layers of steel wire mesh assembled with electro welded steel wires. The stair component, suitably reinforced and finished on site with high strength GCT Structural Mortar , can be used to build stairs up to 20 ft. in length. External finishing such as tile and marble may be applied to this concrete surface.
Structural Roof and Floor Components
The floor and roof components with or without reinforced concrete provide considerable advantages over other types of roof structures.  It provides a lighter structure, superior insulation and fast assembly time.
Landing Component
A GCT component designed to connects two stair sections.  lt is used when there is not enough room for a continuous stair run.