Mortar Application Machines For Sale Specifically
Designed For GCT Tile and Floor Mortar Products
WE RECOMMEND M-TEC EQUIPMENT (Click on pictures to enlarge)
M-tec Duo 2000
M-tec M-300
The dual mixing system with two way mixing plus the patented sump principle. The two separate wet mixing chambers of the duo-mix plus guarantee top quality mortar, an even mix that is productive and free of cracks. All the usual trade renders such as cementitious floor screeds can be processed. We can offer relevant rebuild kits for special cases.
With its revolutionary technology, the M300 marks the start of a new generation of mixing pumps. The “trick” with this new technology is our latest patented mixing principle, which allows the material to be blended perfectly and also ensures permanent consistency of the material. This means that the pump does not have to perform any additional mixing tasks and can concentrate on its core function pumping.
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