Sustainability and Energy Saving
The temperature level comfort and efficiency of the structure built with the GCT technology, is achieved by the insulating core of expanded polystyrene (EPS).  Energy consumption for cooling or heating is dramatically reduced using this technology and sustainability is promoted thru recyclable materials.  
GCT components are Cost Effective, Energy Efficient and reduce Insurance Rates
Lightness and Quick Installation
Several projects built under various conditions, in many countries of the world, and using different workers, have shown a remarkable shortening of the construction time using the GCT Structured Insulated Building Component system compared to those carried out with the traditional systems.  The use of the industrial system optimizes the construction process and reduces labor cost.
Hurricane/Wind Resistant
Structures built with the GCT Structured Insulation Building Component system have proven throughout the years, their capacity to withstand the forces exerted by hurricanes or tornados when designed accordingly.
Fire Resistant
The quality of the insulation (EPS) core used for the GCT Structured Insulated Component Building system are of the self-extinguishing type: moreover, the concrete layers which cover them on each side, protect them from combustion. A standard PSM80 Wall Component has been tested for 1 hour fire resistant rating in according to the ASTM E-119.
Earthquake Resistant
Laborator tests carried out one of the GCT Structured Insulated Building Component system prototypes, have shown that the structure withstands strains greater than those calculated for high intensity Earthquake.
Structural Capacity
Laboratory tests have proven the high load capacity of the GCT Structured Insulation Building Component panels.  Compression tests with center load carried out on a finished single panel 10 ft high have shown strengths in excess of 20,000 lbs/ft.
Architectural Freedom
We offer a full range of building sections; load bearing walls, partition walls, floors, roofs, and stairs.  Large spans and geometric shapes and curves are easily obtainable with our components.
The GCT system offers a great barrier to sound.
Wide choice of finishing
GCT Mortar and Stucco Mixes with superior bonding strength is easy to place and finish with desired textures as specified by architects and designers.